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We have you future proofed with our one stop IT Provider business model. We are a technology and network solution provider, helping our clients reach their goals and business objectives faster. We provide the following connectivity types:

- Multi Tiered Fibre

- Single Tier Fibre

- Fibre to the X (Home or Small Business)

- Diginet Links


- Wireless

- Wimax

- Satelite

- 3G/LTE

IT EX will provide you with Enterprise Fibre options

Multi/Single Tiered Fibre

Enterprise fibre have the Multi Tiered and Single Tiered options which is point to point based, with distinct disparity between providers and clients. You are assured of your bandwidth between nodes. We provide colour codes for our various options:

- Blue Network (Multi Tiered)

- Red Network (Single Tiered)

- Green Network (Single Tiered)

IT EX will provide home and small business solutions

Fibre to the X (home or business)

FTTX is a single fibre strand shared among many tenants and clients with a broadband rating on the service. This is an ideal solution for the digital inclined home and small business owner. We provide two options:

- Digital Business (Small to Medium and Small Office business's)

- Digital Home (Home users or one man business's)

IT EX can provide you with any network connectivity

Radio / Wimax / Satelite / DSL

In the disparate areas, or for secondary links we provide alternative network connectivity options.  We offer the following services:

- Radio Links, Wimax and Microwave Links

- DSL Links

- 3G and LTE Links



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